Frequently Asked Questions

So far it's taken me 3 dryer cycles to actually get it dry after machine wash, any recommendations for more efficient washing/drying?

Thanks for reaching out. The trick to efficient drying is doing an extra spin cycle before putting it in the dryer.
Just shift the blanket around after the first spin so that the wetter areas are on the outside of the washer barrel. Spin again and then tumble dry.

I have recently adopted a kitten that has started peeing on my bed. Not all the time, but enough. Will this work to keep the pee from soaking thru?

  1. TOP - Thanks for reaching out. The TOP Waterproof Blanket is 100% waterproof and will stop all cat pee (or any other liquid) from soaking through.

  2. Kaleb - I’ve never had that much liquid on it, so I can’t say for sure. However, I think as long as it’s not cups and cups worth it will probably protect the bed fine.

  3. Tonia - Yes it will keep the liquids from soaking through. Very absorbent blanket!

What about (women) "monthly" liquid? Is it machine washable and will that type of "liquid" come out?

Thanks for reaching out. Our blanket is 100% waterproof and ALL liquids wash out beautifully. Machine wash and tumble dry. Super easy to keep your bed dry and clean.

Which is the most absorbent side of the blanket? Thanks!

Thanks so much for reaching out.
Both sides of the blanket are made with the same absorbent fleece material. The only difference is the color.
The inner layer which fuses the two sides together is the waterproof barrier.